Merchandise the powers an inclusive future for all

The Cisco Store is committed to powering an inclusive future through our merchandise. You can see how each product does this by viewing the icons on the product page.


Recycled Materials

To minimize waste, these items are made from previously used materials which include plastic, nylon, polyester, and many more.  

Charitable Donation

With every purchase of these items, a portion of the proceeds are donated to organizations.  


Ethical brands that have incorporated environmental awareness into every aspect of the business.  

Inclusive Communities Collaboration

Designs created in collaboration with Inclusive Communities at Cisco, these items represent the communities of those who make up Cisco.

Socially Conscious

Forward thinking brands that infuse doing good for the world into their business model.  

Minority Owned Business

Support underrepresented communities with these purchases as the brands are minority owned and give back to minorities in many ways.

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