Gift Voucher Policy

Cisco Store Gift Voucher Process – for Cisco Employees

Please note the threshold for all internal gifts will be $150 (does not include tax and shipping)

Requirement for all vouchers to go through Ariba, no longer allowed in Concur


1.     Inquiry form submitted by Cisco employee to the Cisco Store operational partner, Dowlis, via


2.     Dowlis team replies to Cisco employee, outlining different redemption code options. Namely Gift Voucher - a code that could be used on any merchandise across any of the Cisco Stores.


3.     Dowlis team creates a PO quote detailing the specifics of the inquiry. This includes number of vouchers, employee names (if known), value of vouchers, categories or products that the vouchers can be redeemable against. Note: if the amount per employee is over the allowed threshold, Dowlis should advise the employee to use the exception approval process to exceed threshold (Exception Approval Tool)


4.     Cisco employee generates a purchase requisition through Ariba. Identifies it as “employee gift”. Follows standard approval flow. If the employee requested exception approval to go over threshold, the employee attaches the approval doc (along with the quote) to the PR. Note: credit cards are not allowed for Gift Vouchers. Note: if it’s identified as “gift-contingent worker”, the purchase will be flagged to Global Blended Workforce for determination of signoff. Generally, gifts to contingent workers are not allowed.


5.     Once the purchase order has been approved, a copy of the purchase order is automatically sent to Dowlis.


6.     Upon receipt of the purchase order, Dowlis creates the vouchers (with employee names).


7.     Dowlis creates the vouchers in Adobe Commerce the ecommerce platform for the Cisco Store.


8.     The vouchers are distributed to the recipients via Klaviyo, the email platform that the Cisco Store team manages, or the leader can distribute directly.


9.     Dowlis invoices the order on their CRM system. Once this action has been completed, Dowlis’ finance team submits the invoice into Ariba for payment.



Dowlis Inspired Branding contacts:

Cisco Store Contact

Fidel Vasquez III –

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