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Whether you’re working remotely from a formal home office space, your kitchen table or the living room couch, below are a variety of hand-picked items that are must-haves for your work from home setup, from our exclusive Work from Home collection!

Mays Cable Catch

When working from home, it is easy for your workspace to become chaotic and disorganized. These days it is easy to get lost in a tangle of plugs and cords for your various electronics strewn across your desk. The Mays Cable Catch can be adhered to your desk or side table and helps to organize all the different wires and plugs you may have strewn about your workspace, instantly creating a tidier space so you are ready to take on the day!


Cisco Store products- electronics

Stress Block

Let’s be honest, working from home can be stressful. Whether you’re sharing space with roommates or family members, lacking motivation, or the upstairs neighbors are just really loud, a stress block can help relieve pent up energy and frustration you may have. These stress blocks also stack on top of each other, for a tactile and fun activity to enjoy as stress relief throughout the day.

Stress block

Cafa© Pen

There are normal pens, and then there are pens that have the delicious scent of coffee. Worldwide, we produce over 50 million tons of coffee grounds a year that typically go to waste. This sustainable pen is actually made from these coffee grounds that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. This pen is one of my favorite home office essentials because it is a perfectly functional writing tool that provides the added benefit of eliminating unnecessary waste from the planet.


Cisco Store cafe pen


Slider Cam Cover

We all know that one of the best parts of working from home is staying in your comfortable clothes all day long! Some days while working from home, the only wardrobe change you may have is switching from your day-time pajamas into your night-time pajamas. This slider cam cover is perfect for preventing accidental camera appearances and ensures your coworkers will only see you when camera ready!

Slider cam cover

Heart of Cisco Journal

As someone who prefers to take notes by hand, having a notebook to jot down my thoughts throughout the day is a must. The Heart of Cisco journal is a colorful fun addition to any home office. The design, created exclusively by Cisco’s internal creative agency, The Hatch, has always been one of my personal favorites. The colorful tines of the Cisco logo that come together to create a heart personally serve as a reminder for me to spread love, no matter what is going on in the world.


Heart of Cisco journal



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