Securing the Cisco Store with RFID Technology

Cisco Vision

RFID technology at the Cisco Store is deployed in various way, through multiple partner technologies, to improve the customer and associate experience. Last week, we met Robin the RFID Robot from Keonn, and watched how she can autonomously count inventory throughout the store. This week, we're diving into more RFID partner capabilities and discussing inventory location and notification. On this episode of Tech Tuesday, our Tech Expert Brian will demonstrate how we use RFID tags from Avery Dennison and SATO, Keonn RFID sensors, Cisco Vision, and an associate application to manage our inventory and protect from theft at the store.

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To begin, Brian explains that we use an RFID tagging system on our merchandise for inventory management, inventory location, and inventory notification. Every product tag has an embedded RFID tracker, from Avery Dennison, that helps us track items throughout the store. We print these tags in store ourselves, using our SATO printer. When an item is paid for at checkout, the embedded RFID tag is disabled by the associate. As Brian demonstrates, when an RFID tag is not disabled, and someone removes a piece of merchandise from the store that has not been paid for, outdoor Keonn RFID sensors will detect that RFID tag leaving the store.

These Keonn sensors then work together with our Cisco Vision boards and associate application to notify employees and the customer that this transaction has not been completed. When an RFID tag crosses that outdoor sensor, a message populates on the Cisco Vision board that reads, "Oops, looks like you forgot something. An associate will be right over to help you." Associates, who are also notified through the app, are then able to assist the person with their unfinished transaction and get their item scanned and paid for at checkout. 

RFID technology from Keonn allows us to better manage our inventory in a variety of ways. In addition to loss prevention and our RFID Robot Robin, we can also use RFID technology at the store to create a smart fitting room experience. Stay tuned for future episodes of Tech Tuesday that explore these capibilities and more! Learn more about Keonn here. Learn more about Avery Dennison here, and SATO here. 

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Tech Tuesday's with the Cisco Store

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Didn’t get enough of the Connected Cisco Store? We will be showcasing even more technologies throughout the rest of our series! Keep up with our Tech Tuesday episode highlight here, and catch up on all the videos on our Youtube channel here. To learn more about the Connected Cisco Store, check out our case study here.

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