Remote Collaboration at the Cisco Store with Cisco Vision and Webex

Webex Board RTP

Digital signage at the Cisco Store provides our shoppers with an immersive and engaging shopping experience. On today’s episode of Tech Tuesday, we’ll see how we can use Cisco Vision, Webex by Cisco, and Cisco Meraki to coordinate digital signage between store locations. Our Tech Expert, Brian Domine, will use the Webex board in San Jose to call the newly installed Webex board in the RTP store, to talk through signage options with a colleague in North Carolina.


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When a new shipment of summer merchandise is delivered to the RTP store, the Cisco Store team wants to make sure that the in-store digital signage marketing reflects the newest arrivals. Using the cloud managed Meraki VPN, Brian is able to remotely connect to the Cisco Vision Director as if he was in the RTP store himself. This capability allows him to manage digital media and content delivery from one central control panel- anywhere, anytime. With the help of the Webex boards in both stores, Brian can work through the different signage options with his RTP colleague, to decide which ones look the best and should be implemented into the Cisco Vision playlist.

With Cisco Vision, we are able to customize the Cisco Store to bring our brand and merchandise to life. Learn more about the capabilities of Cisco Vision here. Learn more about the Webex by Cisco boards here, and explore Cisco Meraki here.



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