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Over the past year, we have been reminded of the discrimination and hate that still exists in the world around us. Since the pandemic started, we have seen a rise in violence against the Pan-Asian community all over the world. These issues, although not new for many, have had a significant impact on the lives of employees throughout the Cisco. The Connected Asian Affinity Network (CAAN), the Cisco Inclusive Community for Pan-Asian employees and allies, has worked tirelessly to help Cisco offer solidarity, support and resources to these employees.

May 1st marks the beginning of National Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At the Cisco Store, we’re highlighting the Connected Asian Affinity Network all month long, with a special product collection and amplification on our blog and social media to spread awareness about the rise in Pan Asian hate crimes and support for putting an end to racism.

We had the opportunity to sit down with some of the incredible members from the Connected Asian Affinity Network to learn more about their experiences at Cisco and being a part of the CAAN community. Throughout National Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, we’ll be spotlighting these conversations to share some of the key takeaways and special moments from these interviews.



Lending a helping hand to the Pan-Asian community

Throughout the interviews, we spoke at length about what CAAN members enjoyed about working at Cisco in terms of the corporate culture. Members spoke about appreciating the Cisco culture because everyone is always so willing to help out. “Everyone at Cisco has always been so willing to just drop what they are doing and help you if you ask- I’ve been here for 13 years and that has been a consistent experience, and one of the most important things for me,” stated Robert Yee.

This culture of helping each other has been even more evident in the last couple of months. With Pan-Asian hate crimes on the rise, Cisco has stood in solidarity with the Pan- Asian community, and it has meant a lot to the members of CAAN. From new hires to employees that have been at Cisco for over a decade, Cisco’s commitment to making a difference, supporting and listening to one another has made people proud to work here.

At the Cisco Store, we want to do our part in helping the Pan-Asian community. We’re kicking off National Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month with special exclusive products developed in partnership with the Connected Asian Affinity Network. All CAAN items give back to the CAAN Fighting AAPI Hate and Discrimination Fund, as the Cisco Store proceeds will be donated for every product sold. We will also be offering round-up and flat donations at checkout to this Fund throughout the month of May. CAAN has established this Fund to support organizations working against racism and discrimination targeted at the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community in their many, destructive forms. Shop the CAAN items today!



Making the world a better place for future generations

While speaking to members of CAAN, their desire to improve the world for future generations shone through in each conversation. By helping people expand their worldviews, and growing and cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion, future generations may grow up in a place with far less hate and racism than today’s world. Donating to organizations like the CAAN Fighting AAPI Hate and Discrimination Fund is just one way that we can stand in support of our Pan-Asian co-workers, friends, and families. Together we can make a difference – within our companies, our communities, and across the world. Shop and give back with the Connected Asian Affinity Network collection here.

If you are a Cisco employee interested in joining the Connected Asian Affinity Network, you can learn more about the organization here. Additionally, take their reccommended bystander training, found here. Keep up with CAAN on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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