Cisco Store Brandbassador Spotlight: Nicole Scheffler

Nicole Scheffler outside

Cisco Store Brandbassadors are a group of passionate Cisco employees that love to show off the Cisco Store! For today's Brandbassador spotlight meet Nicole Scheffler, a Cisco Store fan and advocate for women in tech!


Nicole Scheffler

Where are you from?

Grand Rapids, MI

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Empowering women to succeed in tech

How long have you been at Cisco?

Over 14 Years

Cisco Job title and role description

Americas Partner Organization Engineering Strategy and Planning Manager


Nicole Scheffler family


What do you enjoy about working for Cisco?

I love working at a tech company that keeps innovating over time, but I also love the ability to give back integrated into our culture

What was your first experience with the Cisco Store?

I have always loved the Cisco Store. Since I don’t work at a main office, I always stop by when I visit the mothership to stock up. I actually had tweeted last time I was on campus and stopped by the store and it was funny because I was in the dressing room and my tweet actually scrolled across the mirror when I was trying something on. It was so cool!

Have you ever visited the Connected Cisco Store in San Jose, the Cisco Store in RTP, or a pop-up Connected Cisco Store at a Cisco Live? What were your thoughts?

I love the connected store at events and some of the cool things we are doing to innovate with shopping for retail in the future


Nicole Scheffler


Why did you want to become a Cisco Store Brandbassador?

I am excited to share some of the cool things with my teams and represent Cisco. The store has a variety of items which are fun gifts for partners and customers, but also neat for me to represent Cisco when I am working with the community

What is your favorite Cisco Store product so far and why?

I just adore the GRLPWR line. As I mentioned, I do a lot of work with young girls and women in tech. I also have a daughter, so this line is fun to get that bit of empowerment and makes for fun gifts for other women and girls in my life


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